Compound Interest

It’s not what you think!

This is the “wish list” part of my website, where I tell you about a really ambitious dream, and hope it strikes a chord with someone else out there. Maybe we can make it happen together.

In a nutshell, it’s to build a sustainable “compound” that doubles as an artists’ community and community garden. Here’s how:

Acquire 150 acres, partially wooded, but a lot in pasture and farmland.

Dig 15 wells to supply residences, barns, performance hall, and fields with water.

Install wind turbines to provide a source of electricity. Install a solar farm and outfit all buildings with solar panels.

We’ll build a large geodesic dome with a performance hall, kitchen, classrooms, and gallery. The performance hall and one of the classrooms will be outfitted for A/V recording.

Another large dome with 4 bathrooms and 8 bedrooms (4 singles, 4 doubles) and a common area for meetings will provide lodging for artists, musicians, and writers on retreat.

Four geodesic dome homes—one for me; one for the animal person; one for the farming guy/gal; one to rent out.

30 acres will be dedicated to growing vegetables, with the first 10% of each harvest being donated to a local food bank.

50 acres will pasture miniature cows, horses, sheep, and goats (yes, they all come in miniatures!), assorted turkeys, peacocks, geese, ducks, and chickens.

The miniature cows and goats will provide milk, cream, butter, and cheese; the horses are just plain cute; the sheep will provide wool for spinning and weaving; the chickens and geese will provide eggs. Angora rabbits can be raised, too, and their hair can be combed off for spinning or sale.

There will be a spring-fed pond for swans. These can be bred and the eggs used to generate supporting income.

And, of course, there will be dogs and cats.

I’d love to start tomorrow. Anyone else interested? Call 727-647-8057 or e-mail.

2 Responses to Compound Interest

  1. Helen Moses says:

    You are absolutely clear, passionate, and wonderful. I do believe you are drawing the people to you for this sustainable,artists’ community. Love the category of COMPOUND INTEREST. May your dreams come true!

  2. Mij says:

    yes, yes, yes. the answer, the word is yes.

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