Start-up is “haute Halloween home on the Web”

DarkShadowcatST. PETERSBURG, FL — The Dark Shadowbox Company isn’t your typical “cottage” start-up, but it’s already attracted the attention of home decor mega-store Grandin Road.

“I’ve been a Halloween-o-phile since I was a small child,” says Dark Shadowbox Company founder LeAnn Brian McCann. “Wherever I’ve lived, people — complete strangers — came to my door during Halloween season to see how I’d decorated. One year in Tampa, more than 500 people traipsed through to be freaked out. I loved it!”

Last year, McCann translated her knack for knockout Halloween decorating into an e-book, “Halloween for Big Kids: A Haunt It Yourself Guide,” available on,, iTunes, and

The charge of seeing her work out there sparked McCann’s imagination even more.

She envisioned wall art with a Halloween theme, wall art that moved and “oohed” as fog roiled through the spookiest of cemeteries.

She gathered spiders and webs, scorpions, masques, velvet boots, and lenticular portraits (the things that go from genteel to ghoulish as the viewer moves past them), and she used her collections to fill shadowboxes that can complement home décor all year long.

After creating her works of art, McCann built a website, printed a brochure, and contacted Halloween retailers across the country. One of them was Ohio-based Grandin Road, which asked for a prototype of her computer-generated work, and McCann is now faced with securing the capital to produce her shadowboxes in quantity.

“My husband Bob is an integral part of The Dark Shadowbox Company,” says McCann. “We’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign to help us reach our next goal, moving past our prototype and buying supplies to make more wall art boxes.”

McCann’s Dark Shadowboxes are featured throughout October at the Community Café’s “Nightmare on Central Avenue,” at 2444 Central Avenue in St. Petersburg.

To see photos of The Dark Shadowbox Company’s products, visit

Contact McCann at 727-289-4904.