End-of-Life Coach Eases Anxieties

LogoPINELLAS COUNTY, FL — Birth and death are the two experiences all humans will share, but while a birth is often a welcome and joyful event, death is often regarded with fear, anxiety, sadness, and loss.

End-of-life coach Marieke van Donkersgoed of Cypress Healing offers families a way to move past those negative feelings about death and dying to a compassionate, caring, and dignified sense of completion.

She is available to discuss end-of-life coaching with medical professionals, home health agencies, senior residences, and other groups interested in an inspiring, complimentary presentation.


Marieke van Donkersgoed, Grief and End-of-Life Coach

“Just six decades ago, families were loving, multi-generational units that saw us through all of life’s stages,” reminds van Donkersgoed. “Caring for an elder through illness and even death was something families embraced and understood as part of life.”

Van Donkersgoed’s approach helps families enfold their loved ones with warmth and dignity, turning their sense of loss into a sense of awe at the lives they’ve been privileged to share.

During her own mother’s final illness, and the realization of how inadequate were the end-of-life resources for her own journey of caring, van Donkersgoed realized that there is a profound chasm between the type of end-of-life services that are offered by a traditional medical focus, and the type of services that families still needed to reach true acceptance.

To schedule a presentation at your location, call (813) 336-1598.