UBC Day 6: Dream a Little Dream

I think I mentioned on Day One of this Ultimate Blog Challenge that I’m not the most enlightened kid on the block.

From the time I was about six, I had my mind set on becoming a Hard Bitten Journalist. A “just the facts,” “no nonsense,” “heart of the matter” chronicler of the happenings in my little corner of the world.

UBC6BookCoverGoToElfWHO KNEW that I’d not only get to write about city governments and local events thanks to my very first editor, Lauren McLaughlin, who is now an author and spiritual advisor, but also would find myself an advocate for the arts, and an artist of sorts in my own right?


And who could guess that I’d count among my friends a BOO_Visionaryhighly talented illustrator, Boo Ehrsam, who would create the visual likeness of Sal, my fictional alter ego and star of my series of children’s story-poems?



UBC6BookCoverDreamBelongstotheDreamerWho could imagine that I’d find a friend in Velva Lee Heraty, a Jungian psychologist, who’d dub herself “Dream Momma,” and write a book, “The Dream Belongs to the Dreamer,” that’s now making the national rounds?

Well, it’s true, and this Thursday (October 9), I’m meeting a few of my friends at a book talk and signing at St. Petersburg’s Museum of Fine Arts to celebrate her accomplishment.


If you’re in St. Petersburg this Thursday between 5:30 and 7:30 p.m., I hope you’ll join us!







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6 Responses to UBC Day 6: Dream a Little Dream

  1. Doug Jarvie says:

    Hi Billie,
    I liked your post yesterday about”The Weather Broke”.
    I could not find a place to leave a comment there, so I delivered it here.
    The banner at the top of your blog seems so appropriate to that post.
    I used it for my previous UBC #blogboost challenge,
    see http://dougjarvie.com

  2. Doug Jarvie says:

    When the weather breaks here in Canada, we all head to Florida.
    (in case you didn’t notice the extra traffic on the highways)

  3. It’s usually the first week of November before we REALLY notice you, Doug! At least, in West Central Florida. Maybe South Florida/Miami gets filled up first, and the waves of seasonal visitors just drift northward …

  4. Hi, Doug–I had turned comments off when I wasn’t participating in a blog challenge, and forgot to turn it back on. I noticed it for UBC Day 6, so thanks for your persistence! I liked that banner because it reminded me of snowy days in Illinois, and also because some of the clumps on the branches looked a little like the pussywillows that grew in the woods. I have one eye open right now, so I’ll follow that link when I’m more alert!

  5. Dream Momma says:

    Hi Billie, Thanks for the plug and thanks for joining us last night at the book talk and signing at the MFA in St. Pete. Good to see you there. I’m confident you’ll like “The Dream Belongs to the Dreamer”

  6. I was glad to join you, Velva, and only regret that my knees gave out before you finished your talk. I’m finding your book fascinating, and (as one of your other fans noted) not full of “psycho-babble.” A good read!

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