Gone to the Edge

Anyone who knows me knows I register a solid minus 5 on the Enlightenment Scale.

Lemons are sour (so are grapes). Four ounces means the cup is half empty. My Christmas wreath boasts a lazy-ass Garfield with a dove of peace in his teeth and an airy “Bah. HUMbug!” spelled out in glitter against greenery.

My friends have tried mightily to repeal Murphy’s Law as it is applied in my life, to no avail.

Then, things … changed. I met Carl, who told me that things wouldn’t improve in my life until the nail I was sitting on hurt enough, and I got tired of the hurting. (Okay, that made a certain amount of sense.)

I renewed a decades-old acquaintance with Lauren, who told me I needed to visualize what I really wanted and the Universe (oh, please) would work to bring it to me. (Oh, puh-leeze.)

I met Yvonne, who said that “affirmations” would do wonders, and started me on some simple ones to say several times a day. (I have work to do … who has time for this?)

And then I remembered something.

I remembered CAMS, the coffeehouse/art/media studio I started in the Eighties on a wing and a prayer. I remembered telling friends who thought I was walking off a cliff that “the floor would be there as each foot needed it,” and that if it wasn’t, “I can grow my wings on the way down.” Pretty enlightened for me!

And that’s pretty much the way it happened, too: Every step, no matter how small or precarious, brought me exactly what I needed, when I needed it.

A few years back I read a poem by Christopher Logue, called “Come to the Edge.”ComeToTheEdgeText

That poem spoke to me. It seemed to sum up everything I felt about CAMS, and about the several times I’d gone to my own edge and been surprised when gravity let go and the winds of change helped me soar.

So a few months back, I let go of the Cynics R Us attitude, repealed Murphy’s Law myself, took a deep breath, and plunged into my visualizations and affirmations with a vengeance.

I quit sitting on that nail that hurt me so. I told my universe that I wanted to start my own business and I affirmed that work was coming my way in sufficient quantities to support me.

For good measure, I started acting like all the things I wanted to call into being were already in place. I embraced my inner shiny happiness and just loved the living daylights out of the adventure I was starting with a brand new business called Linked For Success.

Nobody pushed me: I jumped off my cliff, opened my eyes w-i-d-e, and found I did have wings, and they were carrying me gracefully from panic to peace.

I discovered that people around me wanted me to succeed, and soon they were helping me attract new business.

I started meeting new people with fresh ideas, and recognized the wisdom in the knowledge that the folks I’d known for a while had been trying to share.

If this is Enlightenment, it’s a lot more practical than I’d thought.

And a lot more fun.

Thanks, Universe!

Oh — and that painful old nail? I’m using it to tack my daily affirmations to the wall!



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2 Responses to Gone to the Edge

  1. Welcome back to blogging, Billie. I loved this post, not that I haven’t loved your past posts. Best of luck – I went to your LinkedIn site and it is a wonderful ad for your business. Now, just a suggestion, if I dare as a non business person. You mentioned your business in the above blog post but didn’t link to it (unless I missed it). Perhaps consider linking to a Facebook business page, or something else that will help drive more business to you. I look forward to your future posts. Happy flying!

  2. Thanks bunches, Alana. No, you didn’t miss it. I’m still building the website, and I didn’t think about linking to my Facebook business page. I’ll do that! (I think I got stuck in that “forest for the trees” mindset…)

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