camslogo2When I wrote this some years back, one of the guys who came to my coffeehouse (CAMS) and heard me recite it thought this was a really good piece of work … and very sensual.

So, let’s go for Sensual Saturday with this offering:


I can taste you:

Wild mulberries in summer

Sweet … and ripe …

with new seeds to catch on my tongue.

IMAGE_MULBERRIESI could live on mulberries.

Small, always-bursts of elixir,

Rich and heady

with promise to spare

at the full.


And each old tree

grows wilder in the fall –

intricate tracings of wood against sky.

The old trees renew

with knees and elbows more crooked,

but the juice … sweeter than before.


I could live on these:

the taste of you

and wild mulberries

in winter.

Elixir. Copyright 1992 by Billie S. Noakes
All Rights Reserved


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2 Responses to ELIXIR

  1. Alana says:

    Mulberries aren’t just for silkworms and birds. Mulberries are for lovers. I am not a big poetryperson but I loved this.

  2. Susan Caba says:

    Hi Billie,
    For some reason, I couldn’t figure out how to leave a comment on the Blogathon page, but this poem is great.


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