That’s Jake!

Photos by Paul Ziegler

I have a friend on the Board of my Chamber of Commerce, Paul Ziegler, who has one of those staid, respectable banking jobs.

He helps guide the finances of the Chamber, keeps tabs on the funds of our Medical District, and is generally the kind of guy you want around when level-headed decisions are required.

Jacob "Jake" Ziegler, from Ziegler family files.

Jacob “Jake” Ziegler, from Ziegler family files.

He comes by it naturally. His great-grandfather, Jacob Ziegler, fought in the Civil War, and was shot off his horse at the battle of Gettysburg.

Did old Jake panic? Oh, no. He walked to Harrisburg to get decent medical care, then was sent by train to New York to have the shot ball removed from his arm.

After healing sufficiently, he went right back into battle.

He fought in a total of 42 battles in the Civil War, and somehow managed to work his way over to Appomattox, where he accepted the flag of surrender from the South.

Now, you’d think that a pedigree like that would have Paul immersed in history books and dusty memorabilia in his spare time, filling in the blanks of as many Civil War stories as possible.

You’d be wrong.

Funny car driven by the late Tom Anderson. Photo by Paul Ziegler.

Funny car driven by the late Tom Anderson. Photo by Paul Ziegler.

See, Paul is a maniac for race cars. So much so, in fact, that for years he’s visited raceways to snap photos of the drivers and the racecars they’ve driven to fame or folly. He’s taken so many photos and talked to so many drivers that he’s working on organizing his notes and his photos and publishing a coffee table book sometime in the coming year!

If you’d like to get a sneak preview of some of the race cars he’s recorded on and off the track, Paul has a blog: .

Check it out and leave him a few encouraging words!



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  1. Alana says:

    My massage therapist’s great great, etc. grandfather was a prisoner of war at the notorious Confederate POW prison in Georgia, Andersonville. (He survived). He isn’t a Civil War buff either. On the other hand, I had no relatives in the Civil War – they were all still in the “old country” – same for my husband – and yet, we are both interested. Isn’t life funny that way.

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