SCARE U: The Textbook

LeAnn's brother Steve Brian drew her book's cover art.

LeAnn’s brother Steve Brian drew her book’s cover art.

If you’re looking for a guide to lead you through the twists and turns of creepdom, you can’t find a better one than LeAnn Brian McCann’s book, “Halloween for Big Kids: A Haunt it Yourself Guide.”

LeAnn has been scaring the hell out of people since she was about seven years old, tearing a page from her father’s own ghoulish book of scary pranks, and improving upon them to the consternation of her little friends.

As she got older, she got bolder. Not for LeAnn the cardboard cut-outs of Halloween cats, witches, pumpkins, scarecrows, and skeletons. Oh, no.

LeAnn took her decidedly artistic bent … and bent it in the direction of sheer ghastliness!

She scrounged dead flowers from graves, learned to distress surfaces of every kind (along with the people who would eventually be looking at and touching them!), found new uses for such simple things as Styrofoam planks, and even scored a coffin that didn’t offer quite the right kind of eternal rest for its intended occupant.

LeAnn is living proof of that maxim, “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.” Her home haunts have been the stuff of legends in her neighborhood for decades, and now she shares some of the best of her “haute Halloween” projects with the rest of us!

Spiders hungry and hankering for prey ...

Spiders hungry and hankering for prey …

“Halloween for Big Kids: A Haunt it Yourself Guide,” is available NOW in easy-to-access e-book form. She covers everything from making menacing mama spiders (the giant ones that take up most of a corner of the room), complete with plenty of larval sacks and gauzy spider webs, to a take-a-second-look screamer under the stairs, to a toilet-brush-wielding monster in the toilet bowl (not for 1-bathroom households).

What  better way to welcome guests than with your own yard full of ghoul?

What better way to welcome guests than with your own yard full of ghoul?

Need a graveyard for your guests to negotiate on the way to your forbidding front door? Easy-to-follow instructions are in the book. How about giving your friends a jolt when they come to visit, and find only the top half of you “hanging around” from wrist irons in your own personal dungeon?

“Halloween for Big Kids” includes detailed instructions and complete materials lists, as well as personal stories about her projects, some of her unexpected results, even some entertaining tips for your howlingly good parties.

Because LeAnn “celebrates” Halloween almost year-around, and because she tells me that Halloween season begins for its fans somewhere around June or July, I thought I’d give her book a boost.

If you’re a haunt-aholic, this is one how-to-haunt-it book that you need in your collection! Visit her Facebook page, Dark Shadowboxes, and please LIKE it. The Dark Shadowbox Company is still so new, she doesn’t have enough LIKES on her page yet to let her see her Insights! Please help her out!

And do check out her e-book! Eerily affordable!


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