Gal Loves Her Travels

Yep, my travel website is OUT THERE,

Just bare bones right now, because it’s been up less than a day, but I’m kinda excited about its possibilities.

I’ll be writing about the fun things I find in my own neck of the woods (Pinellas Park, FL), and the surrounding community (Pinellas County, the Tampa Bay area, west central Florida, and even up in northeast Florida, where my sister lives).

I’ll be writing about the many, many great reasons people come here on vacation, why corporations bring their meetings and training sessions here, why conventions and conferences are always on our calendar, all that!

F’r instance, did you know that Pinellas Park is home to the largest horse population in Pinellas County? Yep. We’re still rural enough to have a fair number of horse stables, and even homesites that boast enough acreage to support equine residents!

You know what? I think that’s going to be my first “travelblogue” on Gal Loves Her Travels. Watch this blog or my Facebook Fan Page for postings! (And when you get to that Fan Page, if you haven’t already hit the LIKE button there, please do!)

See you en route!

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