“GO TO ELF!” changes couple’s lives

“ELF” Rescues 32-year marriage
Florida Author Helps Couple Renew Vows

Spiritual advisor Lauren McLaughlin, author of  “GO TO ELF!”  will tell you there are no “coincidences,” just happenings that the Eternal Life Force (“ELF”) uses to get our attention.

Sandy Engle of Magadore, OH knows it’s true.

Sandy was on a road trip last summer and stopped in Unity Village, MO “to say a few prayers,” she shares. “I visited the Village Bookstore and found Reverend Lauren’s book, ‘GO TO ELF!’ and bought it.”

Almost immediately, a friend asked to borrow it.

“The plan was that she’d give it back to me on my return trip a week later,” says Sandy, “but when I came back she told me it had made such a difference in her life that she couldn’t part with it!”

Sandy didn’t argue; she left the life-changing tome behind, and picked up a second copy for herself. She wondered if “GO TO ELF!”—a love story with a spiritual twist, set in St. Petersburg, FL—would have a similar effect on her.

“I was questioning whether my marriage had any meaning,” Sandy confides.

“A year earlier, I had nearly died in a house fire, but my husband wasn’t there for me in the aftermath. It made me wonder if all those years together had been nothing more than an illusion of partnership.”

As Sandy read about the challenges the book’s protagonist, Tony, faced with his own love, Sandy began to notice eerie parallels to her own doubts and desires.

“The more I read about the ELF,” says Sandy, “the more love I felt toward my husband. I teared up when Tony and Molly decided to get married on March 17: that was the same day that Newt and I started dating! It was the same day that we were married 32 years ago!”

Coincidence? Not in Sandy’s world view!

Sandy checked the calendar and discovered that in 2012, March 17 would fall on a weekend. She learned that Reverend Lauren and her husband live in Pinellas County, Florida, and she contacted Reverend Lauren to ask a tremendous favor: If Sandy and Newt came to Florida, would the woman who had introduced her to the ELF help them renew their marriage vows?

“Would I?” echoes the author/spiritual counselor. “How often does someone tell you that the book you wrote changed her life, saved her marriage? If it was at all possible, I wanted to do this for Sandy and Newt.”

And that’s how Sandy and Newt came to meet Reverend Lauren at the Bon-Aire Resort on St. Pete Beach a little before sunset on March 18.

In the presence of the ELF, Reverend Lauren led Sandy and Newt through a rededication of their marriage vows.

It was everything she and Newt wanted, says Sandy:

“The ELF has helped us find a deeper, more fulfilling love.”

“GO TO ELF,” by Lauren McLaughlin, Awareness Expansion, Inc., August 2011. Available in paperback or in Kindle edition from Amazon.com.

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  1. Mary Ellis says:

    Great article, Billie!

  2. Thanks, Mary! It was fun seeing it unfold in just-a-minute-after real time !

  3. Wonderful post, Billie! And having read the book, I can imagine how it came to pass. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Thank you, Joy! This book is an interesting ride for a LOT of people!

  5. Rev. Lauren is wonderful! I’m glad you shared this story.

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  7. Wonderful article, Billie. And such an affirmation of Rev. Lauren McLaughlin’s book, Go to ELF!

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