DAYS 1-4: Positive Changes Challenge (hereinafter PCC, not to be confused with Pinellas County Commission)

Flush from an exhilarating month participating in Michelle Rafter‘s 2011 WORDCOUNT Blogathon (a blog a day, every day in May), I announced on May 31 that I would begin a NEW challenge, one designed to improve my life, and the lives of those around me.

It was this:

I would make one positive change on Day One, two positive changes on Day Two, three positive — you get the idea.

WELL. I’m here to tell you that being a surly, negative curmudgeon is MUCH easier, especially if you’re getting panicky about being able to find the time to change that many things for the better, no matter how low your starting point.

SO, the first positive change (dub it PC1) I made was in favor of my mental health, and I’ve revised the parameters of this challenge (I know, it seems almost too easy).

See, I’ve just landed a new paying gig (ah! this counts as a Positive Change! PC2) that is going to take up a lot of time. I need to make sure all this positivity doesn’t get in my way.

So at the end of Day 1, with nary a positive change in sight, I came up with this: Revise the challenge to encourage (not “require”) at least 3 positive changes per week. None of this cumulative nonsense. I mean, really. Anybody can come up with 1 or 2 things to improve a day, but FIVE? TEN? If I seriously tried to do that, I wouldn’t have time to tinkle. Not good.

For those of you who like lists, my tally for the first few days looks like this:

PC1–Revise the challenge to something even I might succeed with!

PC2–Accept the paying gig.

PC3–Participate in one community event each week and take pix to post on the Chamber of Commerce website (my first event is a Pet Fair [it’s a FB link] at a local apartment complex TODAY–can’t get much more positive than petting animals, large or small, looking for loving homes; and an adoption is on the boards for later in the month–I miss having a pet to cuddle).

PC4–Get the cement pond in serious shape and spend one hour/day walking as part of physical fitness goals (this one’s gonna be rough–I rarely make time for myself like this).

And yes, that means that I’ll average one Positive Change (PC) a day for my first four days. I probably can’t keep up that pace, but I’m gonna look for cool stuff to write about.

Right now, I’m off to that Pet Fair. I have my camera (video/audio capable, too!). I have some spare funds to grab a Coke and make a donation. I have sunshine (and no cloudy day). If I don’t screw up the video, you may even see some cute animal action here tomorrow!

WHOOSH! And she’s off …

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4 Responses to DAYS 1-4: Positive Changes Challenge (hereinafter PCC, not to be confused with Pinellas County Commission)

  1. Kudos to you for launching into a new challenge immediately after finishing the blogathon. And a pretty great one at that. I’d settle for one positive change a week, or even a month, so one a day is really something. I’ll look forward to seeing how it goes.

    And thanks again for joining us for the blogathon this year, it was a treat having you involved.

    Michelle Rafter

  2. Anjuli says:

    Sounds like a plan!! Am hoping your camera works correctly and we see some video footage of your exploits.

  3. Billie says:

    Thanks, Michelle! I’m not doing nearly as well with this challenge–I think I’m two days down already! But I may be able to handle a few a week. Film at 11 …

  4. Billie says:

    The camera didn’t work at all for the Pet Fair–I left the darn thing at home! But the organizer promises to send me some digital pix so I can post them. And I’m such a sucker for cute animal pix …

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