DAY 30: Wordling right along

The fearless leader of the 2011 WORDCOUNT Blogathon, Michelle Rafter, has given us a break for the holiday: we get to use a graphic-generating program called Wordle, “a toy for generating ‘word clouds’ from text that you provide.”

All we had to do was go to the Wordle site, enter the URL of our blogs, and voila! the site would create a word cloud from the most common words found on our blogs.

I’m no fool: after 29 straight days of preparing unique content, I was ready to let some software take the reins for a day. Here’s what happened in several random attempts:

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5 Responses to DAY 30: Wordling right along

  1. Jan Udlock says:

    Billie, You look like you had too much fun. Congratulations on all of your hard work.

  2. Anjuli says:

    I love the way each attempt has the same prominent theme– CONTINUE READING…wow…that is great!!!

  3. Billie says:

    Anjuli, I loved that, too. I don’t remember writing anything that included those words together, but hey! I ran the “random” generator a few more times, and they all had “continue reading” as a dominant … suggestion (? — I guess that works). These are the four I liked best, though, because of the shapes I identified them with. Good thing I don’t have to take one of those ink blot tests, huh?

  4. Oh, Jan–that Wordle thingie was just too cute! I was a little startled when that first one came up looking like one of those poor tadpoles that had the misfortune to be hatched in my pool. But then the second one looked like some weird vehicle out of Star Wars, and the THIRD one looked like a guitar (I used to run an open mic for musicians and poets), and LAST one looks a little like a fish, so I thought of the goldfish … I thought maybe Wordle had a bunch of psychics on board !

  5. That’s what stuck out at me. too: continue reading. Good advice. 😉

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