DAY 24: Writing: Where and Why

First, a HUGE thank-you to the 2011 WORDCOUNT Blogathon.

When I leapt with wild abandon into the challenge that is Blogathon, I have to admit that I didn’t expect to pick up more than about a hundred or so visitors to my site throughout the entire month of the challenge.

Why? Well, my site is mostly a way for me to have an online portfolio of my marketing, news, and feature writing, and to place my series of children’s books out there in case anyone wants to buy ’em.

(Hint to all you parents and grandparents out there: They’re cute, they’re story-poems, and if you buy all 3 you get a discount. AND I’ll pen a personalized message before I send them to your favorite little readers!)

My site is not, let us say, a hotbed of activity for those cruising the web for enlightenment or even entertainment.

Proof is my paltry visitor count on the day that I began my blog-a-day endeavor: 943 from May 14, 2010 to April 30, 2011.

I thought the Blogathon might push my visitor count as high as 1100 by the end of May.

Oh, how little I understood what this project could do!

Blogathon has DOUBLED my visitor count in 3 short weeks. Today, at about 4:15 pm, visitor #1886 dropped in. Thank you!

The Blogathon has brought me new acquaintances with similar interests. It has upped my street cred in my own community, because these daily writings have forced me outside the “business as usual” box and into the imaginative and humorous free range where I spend most of my time, which isn’t where my business network expected to see me.

So, for bringing me gifts I didn’t even know existed, Thank you, Blogathon!

Now: Today’s “theme” is “My 5 Fave Places to Write.” Here they are:

#5–Poolside.  (Sun’s too bright, heat’s too hot, and you get sweat and chlorinated water on the pages, but you can’t beat being productive while grabbing a tan.)

#4–Panera Bread at Starkey & Bryan Dairy roads in Largo, FL. My writers’ guild meets there, so I like to arrive early and work, scribe for my peeps, then get back to writing. And THIS Panera location has ample electrical outlets so a LOT of people can come in with their computers and work like mad. It doesn’t hurt that tasty food is prepared for me, and available only steps away.

#3–Park Station, 5851 Park Blvd., home to the Government Relations office of the City of Pinellas Park, the Pinellas Park Historical Society, the Pinellas Park Art Society, and the Pinellas Park/Gateway Chamber of Commerce, where I am a regular volunteer and part-time membership recruiter. This reproduction train station is light and airy, with a soaring two-story atrium where Roe’s Deli serves up award-winning soups, salads, and sandwiches, and where I can work while I babysit the phones for my Chamber.

#2–My own home office, which is where I spend most of my time when I don’t have outside appointments. It’s comfy for me, I’m steps away from the kitchen if I need to munch, and when I need a breather, I can run out and throw myself into the cement pond. Ahhhh.

But my VERY FAVORITE place to write, which, sadly, isn’t available any more but which I conjure no matter where I am:

#1–The home we bought and placed on my sister’s property in north Florida, where we hoped Dad would spend many happy years gazing out the window where Tracie’s horses ran and rolled in the field.

We lost Dad shortly after the manufactured home was in place, and I spent the next two years making that tranquil home my office.

I didn’t miss the pool, the broccoli-cheddar bread bowls at Panera, or the busy-ness of the Chamber. It was so … nice … to look up and see a horse staring back at me from his side of the fence, or watch a deer come traipsing across the field, or see a BIG bunny on a mad tear away from whatever had frightened it.

Best of all, I got to see and visit with my sister every single day.

Can’t wait to read where everyone else likes to write!

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3 Responses to DAY 24: Writing: Where and Why

  1. Anjuli says:

    What a GREAT post!!! And yes….the blogathon is amazing and we all should be ultra appreciative! I had stopped blogging (publicly) for several unavoidable reasons about 9 mths ago- and as a result when I made the blog public again- I wasn’t sure how my former readers would find me- and through the blogathon it has happened! What a great challenge for each of us- to write something every day- to reconnect- to make new connections.

    I loved your 5 places- especially your last and best place to write!

    Now I’m off to check your link for children’s books- I think my granddaughter is needing some new books 🙂

  2. refreshing to read your “light side” post after editing “hard” news from crisis areas.

  3. Lisa Carter says:

    Congrats on doubling your visits, Billie! What an accomplishment… Clearly that and much more has come out of this Blogathon month. I look forward to continued visits here!

    I’m off to write at one of my favorite spots, the cottage, starting tomorrow and can’t wait!

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