DAY 1. WordCount Blogathon.

Have I lost my mind?

Today I begin a project that anyone knowing my daily schedule will think qualifies me for my very own, very small, very quiet room in a large hospital in the country.

I’m participating in Michelle V. Rafter’s 2011 WordCount Blogathon, posting a new blog every day for all 31 days in May. Weekends, holidays, lazy days, days-too-swamped-for-words, the whole shebang.

The good news is that The Rule (yes, there’s just the one) allows me to write my blogs in advance. On any topics I choose. I just have to post them one day at a time, every day of the month.

Every. Single. Day.

So on those days when the muse is slow to engage and I pull an over-nighter when inspiration finally strikes, I don’t get to sleep until I make sure the day’s BillieGram is up.

On those days when I find some free time to go out and play, I need to feed my pet blog before I can run out the door.

On those days when I’m scribing for my Chamber of Commerce, doing a few phone interviews, meeting with a client, and attending a networking meeting all before noon, and writing like mad for ten hours after that, I still have to find time to pen a few non-income-generating paragraphs that might amuse or agitate, and get them up on The BillieGram.

Which is where you come in.

HELP ME! I need fodder for this literary cannon.

I need to find something to write about every day for 31 consecutive days.

Every. Single. Day.

Your suggestions will help. Any topic will do.

At this point, I could contemplate a hundred-word essay on how to tie shoelaces.

Remember sitting on the floor when you were a kid, knee pulled up to your chin, forehead all scrunched up in concentration, trying to remember which way to wrap the far end of the shoelace around the loop made by the near end? And stuffing the lace through to form the second loop and complete the bow … I was not the most adept child at tying bows. I had wildly mis-matched loops every time.

Ah, but I haven’t seen shoelaces in years. It’s all Velcro straps or sliders now. How are kids supposed to develop fine motor skills if they don’t have to tie their tennies every day?

And … damn. I just used up a perfectly good topic right there. I wonder if I can put two different topics into a single blog and take a day off?

Ahhhh, NO. The One Rule says it’s a blog a day.

Every. Single. Day.

For (count ‘em) 31 days.

So, friends, here’s your chance to bail me out:

Suggest blog topics. Suggest often. Tell your friends and your friends’ friends. Please.

And return to visit The BillieGram to find out how your ideas turned out after I got hold of them…

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3 Responses to DAY 1. WordCount Blogathon.

  1. Lisa Carter says:

    I learned to tie my shoes the summer before kindergarten, on the back steps of our house. Sun was shining and I was cursing (metaphorically speaking). I couldn’t get that other lace through that damned little space below the loop. I just couldn’t! Iwas sure I wouldn’t be able to go to kindergarten if I couldn’t tie my shoes… My older sister finally gave in and helped. She showed me how to use two bunny ears. I still tie my shoes that way to this day, never did figure out that damn lace through loop part!

    Just lovely stream of consciousness writing, Billie. Do that every day, I know I’ll be back to read more!

  2. Shelley says:

    So recently I received a picture of the family house where we lived in Indiana up until the 1980’s. I was thinking of good and bad memories that happened while living in this house. What about your family house?

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